Much Woolton Catholic Primary School


Please find below a list of current staff:

Leadership Team

Mr. M White                            Executive Head Teacher

Mrs. M Wilson                        Acting Head of School/ SENCO/ Safeguarding

Mrs P Regan                          Acting Deputy Head of School/ RE and RSE

Miss C. Wilson                       Acting Assistant Head / Health & Wellbeing, Lower Key Stage 2 Lead, Year 3 Teacher

Mrs. R Middleton                    School Business Manager


Teaching Team                                                                       Responsibilities

Miss R. Beckwith                     Year 5                                      MFL/ School Council

Mrs Pace/Miss Tonge              Year 4                                      Phonics Lead / PPA Cover

Mrs. A. Bibby                           Year 5 Support p/t

Mr. A Chamberlain                  Children’s Mentor                     PSHE/ Safeguarding Lead/ Family Support

Miss K Cummings                   Year 2                                      Computing

Mrs N Davies                           Year 1                                     Geography

Miss C Doherty                        Year 6                                     English

Mrs C Doherty                          EYFS                                      EYFS Lead /Maths

Miss  L Potter                          Year 5 teacher

Mr A Hathaway                        PE Coach

Mrs. L. Hines                           Management cover

Mr K Hogg                               Year 4

Miss N McCloud                         Y6 Support

Miss E Quayle                            EYFS Teacher

Mrs. A Kelly                            Year 3 Support p/t

Miss D Leather-Cole               EYFS Support

Mrs L Lee                                EYFS Support

Miss J Massie                         Year 2 Support

Mrs. S Molloy                          Year 2                                   Design and Technology Lead

Mrs. E Niblock                         Year 1 Support

Miss S Ralston                        Year 1                                 History Lead

Mrs. L. Rimmer                       Year 4 Support

Mrs. J. Robinson                     Year 3 Support p/t

Mr A Simpson                         Year 6  / Extra Curricular Activities

Mrs J Smallwood                    Year 5 Support

Miss C. Wilson                        Year 3                           Health and Wellbeing Lead

Mrs. H. Wright                         Year 3                              Art Lead


Administration Staff

Mrs C O’Brien                         Administration Assistant

Mrs. J. Young                          Administration Assistant

Mrs. J.Burke                            Administration Assistant


Support Staff

Mr. Paul McCann                    Head Chef

Mr. M Murphy                         Site Manager


Mrs P Dowd                            Breakfast Club

Mrs. J. Stanley                        Lead lunchtime Supervisor (Infants)/ Cleaning

Mrs. A-M Wardropper             Lunchtime Supervisor/ Cleaning

Mrs. J. Downey                      Cleaning

Mrs. D. Hagan                        Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. I. Hulme                          Lunchtime Supervisor/ Cleaning

Miss K Robb                           Assistant Chef

Miss J Nogueira                      Kitchen assistant

Mrs. M. Prendergast               Cleaning

Mrs. C Rogerson                    Breakfast club/ Kitchen

Mrs. R. Stokes                        Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. A. Spence                       Breakfast Club/ Lunchtime Supervisor/ Cleaning

Mrs C. O’Brien                        Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs M Hardaker                      Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Dunn                             Lunchtime Supervisor