Much Woolton Catholic Primary School

Writing in the Community

This year we have been working hard on creating links with our community. We have established close links with local primary schools to develop our writing skills. This term Year 6 worked with Year 5 in St.Ambrose to have a creative writing day and Year 6 have partnered up with Year 6 in Booker Avenue to create penpals. 

Year 4 have had a fun day working with St. Julies to help their writing. A group of children went to St Julies for an English workshop based on descriptive writing. They had to explore how to show not tell and use their feelings and their senses. They had a lovely subject area of sweets so they were all very enthused and engaged. They used adjectives, fronted adverbials and adverbs.This developed into a descriptive paragraph

Year 6 have loved writing to their pen pals, receiving replies and meeting up too. Knowing that they are only down the road has got us excited that we might end up in the same secondary schools as them.

Writing with Year 5 from St. Ambrose was lots of fun! We even got to play in the snow together.

We have been very lucky to have had Merseyside Police come to school to help us with our STEM week in which the whole school created shared writing. Check it all out next time you are in our school hall. Every year group focused on a different genre of writing ranging from newspaper reports, police interviews, character profiles and letters.