Much Woolton Catholic Primary School


The Parents Teachers Association (PTA) has been in existence since the formation of the school.  The main aim of the PTA is to enhance the personal, social and academic development of the children in Much Woolton Catholic Primary School. The PTA provides a platform for the parents of pupils in our community to work in partnership with the staff of the school.

The PTA contributes to school life through a combination of raising funds and attracting in-kind offers of support from external companies and agencies which come together to provide a richer experience for our pupils.

The ethos of the PTA is to welcome the support and involvement of parents, carers and members of staff from our school. To ensure that the PTA, and ultimately our school life, is as rich and successful as possible it is imperative that every person feels able to engage in whichever way they are able.

There are a wide range of roles and functions which need to be completed to ensure the PTA performs at the highest possible benefit to our school community. These include: support at events, marketing and advertising, attending events, being an active member of the committee and many more functions that often go unseen!

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How is the fundraising done?

The PTA organises events throughout the year which support the funding targets that are laid down each year.  We organise events such as our popular Summer and Christmas fairs, as well as a variety of other events for parents only and the wider school community.  All events organised raise considerable funds as well as bringing the school, families and local community together.

What is the money spent on?

Each year the committee agrees what the PTA wants to achieve for the forthcoming period and this in turn directs what the funding target will be for that year.  There is information available on agreed targets for this year and we look forward to sharing more of this with you. These objectives builds upon last year’s largest investment, the new school minibus (pictured at the top of this page!).

Funds are raised to foster and further the learning of the children in Much Woolton in line with the school’s key objectives. Throughout the year our contributions can take on many guises.  Some examples from last year include: funding of a ‘real life-size’ dinosaur to visit the chidren (to inspire creativity in writing) and a trip for students to Spanish restaurant, Lunya (shown to support their cultural understanding).

You can see some further examples of projects funded on various aspects of this site and around the school.

How can I help?

Help, in whatever capacity, is always gratefully received, as are new fundraising ideas and suggestions from parents and staff.

We are a committed group of parents and staff that have very busy lives, just like everyone else.  Therefore, we are delighted for people to support us in whichever way they are able. This may be helping out at an event, or providing ideas for new ojectives or fundraising ideas.

Our meetings are diarised in the school calendar and we love people, new and existing, to come along and contribute their ideas and skills.

The PTA can be contacted using the details below:

07548 144375 (Phil Clarey, Chair)

If you prefer to keep up via social media, we are on both Facebook and Twitter.