Much Woolton Catholic Primary School

Attendance and Punctuality

We take great pride in the fantastic attendance our school has each year. When we record attendance, it is important to remember that if your child is not here, they cannot be taught! Medical appointments taken during school time sometimes cannot be avoided, but we ask if possible for parents to not arrange these during the school day.

Some families arrange activities for their children toward the end of the school day. Unless this has been discussed with either Mr White or Mrs Wilson, children will not be released early on a regular basis, as this will also affect your child’s learning, as well as disrupting the learning of other children.

Our main playground gate closes at 9am. After this time, children are asked to go to the pedestrian entrance to the office. Mrs Collins will ask why you are late and make a record of this. We monitor these records for patterns of lateness and you will be notified if we feel there may be a problem.

Families no longer have up to 10 days per year to take their child on holiday. Holidays will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and will only be granted if families have explained these circumstances in person to Mr White.

For further information on attendance and punctuality, please see the posters below.