Much Woolton Catholic Primary School


Our Governing body is made up of of representatives from our parish and school community, as well as staff and parents. They offer support and challenge to the school to ensure we fulfil our aims and mission whilst striving to provide the best education possible for our children.

Minutes of meetings are made available retrospectively and once they have been approved at the following meeting (ie Spring minutes are approved at the Summer meeting).

The full governing body (FGB) meets termly, with committees that report to the FGB meeting termly or more frequently if required. .

Our Governors strive to get to know our staff and children whilst continuing in their own jobs and community roles and many try to visit their adopted classes termly if they can.

The documents attached to this page outline who our Governors are and the roles they have.

The Governing Body should be made up of twelve Governors, seven of whom are appointed by the Archdiocese of Liverpool (known as Foundation Governors), one who is appointed by the Local Authority and two representatives each from the parental body and staff.

Below is the statutory information required to be published about our Governing Body.

Name Role Appointment date Appointer Term of office Attendance at meetings this year 2020-21 Apologies
Miss Carol Chapman Co-Chair 01/09/18 Archdiocese Of Liverpool 4 years 2/2
Mrs Cath Higgins Vice Chair 01/10/18 Archdiocese Of Liverpool 4 years 2/2
Mrs Patricia Davies Foundation Governor 01/10/20 Archdiocese Of Liverpool 4 years 2/2
Mrs Helen Bradshawe Foundation Governor 01/02/21 Archdiocese Of Liverpool 4 years 1/1
Mr Jim Carson Foundation Governor 01/09/18 Archdiocese Of Liverpool 4 years 2/2
Mrs Alexandra Hughes Foundation Governor 01/02/21 Archdiocese Of Liverpool 4 years 1/1
Mrs Mary Monkhouse Foundation Governor 01/09/18 Archdiocese Of Liverpool 4 years 2/2
Mrs Anna-Marie Brown Parent Governor 01/02/21 Parental Body 4 years 1/1
Mrs Emma Skyner Andrews Parent Governor and Co-Chair 01/02/21 Parental Body 4 years 1/1
Howard Winik Local Authority Governor 19/05/20 Local Authority 4 years 2/2
Mr Matthew White Headteacher 01/09/11- Full Governing Body 2/2
Mr Andrew Simpson Staff Governor 01/09/19 Staff 4 years 2/2

*Number attended from  number of meetings scheduled to attend during last academic year

Associate Membership

Associate members are invited by the Governing Body to attend committee meetings and / or the full meeting to inform or advise the meeting on any pertinent issues. They do not have voting rights which are solely for the Governors named above. Our Associate members are:

Fr Tim Buckley, Cssr. Parish Priest

Mrs Marie Wilson, Head of School

Mrs Robyn Middleton, School Business Manager

Mrs Rebecca Lawton, School Improvement Partner

Mrs Maria McGarry, Archdiocesan advisor

Mrs Joanne Richardson, Clerk to the Governing Body


If you have concerns regarding safeguarding and are unhappy with the actions of our safegarding team, Mr Chamberlain, Mr White and Mrs Wilson, please contact Mrs M Monkshouse or Mrs E Skyner Andrews, our designated Safeguarding governors, via the school office.

If your concerns regarding safeguarding are about Mr White, our Executive Headteacher or Mrs Wilson, Acting Head of School, you may contact Mrs Higgins, safeguarding governor regarding allegations against the Headteacher, via the school office.


Governors convene committees for a number of reasons. Our regular committees oversee pay decisions as well as our admissions policy and admissions process in the spring of each year.

Link Governors

We have replaced our Standards and Resources committees with Link Governors whose role it is to oversee, support and challange the effectiveness of key areas withion our school. These are:

Safeguarding: Miss Carol Chapman, Mrs Emma Skyner Andrews (Concerns about the Headteacher to Mrs Cath Higgins)

SEND: Mrs Helen Bradshawe & Miss Carol Chapman

Pupil Premium: Mrs Emma Skyner Andrews

English: Mrs Helen Bradshawe

Mathematics: Vacancy

Religious Education: Mrs Mary Monkhouse

Health and Safety: Mr Jim Carson

Finance:  Mrs Cath Higgins

KS1 and EYFS: Mrs Emma Skyner Andrews

Lower Key Stage 2: Mrs Mary Monkhouse

Upper Key Stage 2: Miss Carol Chapman

Pecuniary Interests

Governors are required to declare any interests they have, including working as a governor at another educational establishment. These are as follows:

Miss Carol Chapman- governor at Palmerston and Educational South Liverpool Academy

Mrs Cath Higgins-  Her company, Catherine Higgins Law, sponsors our school newsletter and carries out some legal work on behalf of the school, pro bono.

Mr Matthew White- an unpaid Vice Chair of Food For Thought Ltd, school catering company which is owned by the schools involved.


Minutes of previous meetings

Below are the discussed, ratified and approved minutes of full governing body meetings.

Full Governing Body Meeting Autumn 2020