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Health & Well-Being

Health & Well Being (PE, School Sports, PSHE, Extra Curricular Activities)

Active Lessons

BBC Super Movers – We are loving making our lessons more active and getting fitter at the same time! Why not try it at home? A great way to learn your times tables or find out what a suffix is!  Super Movers!

Teach Active is an award-winning online resource tool, proven to improve children’s attitudes and attainment in maths, whilst also increasing levels of physical activity. We aim to deliver at least one active maths lesson per week.

PSHE / Healthy Living

At Much Woolton we follow the ‘Jigsaw’ scheme for PSHE. Lessons are delivered by our Learning mentor. and class teachers. Our PSHE curriculum is further enriched by the links we have with our community.  Jigsaw holds children at its heart, and its cohesive vision helps children understand and value how they fit into and contribute to the world. This is the link to Jigsaw where more information can be found about the programme that we follow.  Jigsaw Link  There is also a video about our programme.

The children responded well to the workshops delivered by Merseyside Police around staying safe online. We were enthused at how much our children knew about e-safety already!

We are very proud of our Healthy Schools Status and the children enjoy listening to assemblies about keeping our packed lunches healthy.  Follow up letters are regularly sent out to remind all about keeping lunchtimes healthy.

What does junk food do to our bodies? Newsround Article

Link to Change 4 Life website  – Change 4 Life

We are looking forward to  participating in World Mental Health Day 2021

We annually invite our Road Safety Team into our school and workshops are delivered for all key stages about how to stay safe on the road. In year 6 our pupils are prepared for the transition to KS3 by participating in sessions which teach them how to use public transport safely.

Our Year 6 pupils also take part in Personal Safety sessions which are delivered by Judo Education.

As part of our programme with LSSP, our EYFS children learn how to ride a bike over a series of 6 weeks during ‘Balanceability.’ Cycling proficiency is then offered to our Year 5 children who are all taken out onto the roads by the cycling team.

Our ‘Powerability’ sessions are delivered during the summer term during the school day to enthuse some of our less active pupils.

Swimming – Year 5 and Year 3 all regularly attend swimming lessons at Garston Baths. Lessons also include how to stay safe in the water. It is a statutory requirement that all year 6 pupils leave Primary School able to swim 25m.

Sport and P.E. – (See our Sporting Achievement Report ) 

Our sporting events were sadly put on hold in March 2020 due to Covid. We are looking forward to participating in events as soon as we can.

Our PE curriculum continues to be supported by our close link with Liverpool School Sports Partnership however we have our own full time Sports Coach. All pupils receive 2 hours of PE per week with one lesson being delivered by our full-time specialist Sports Coach. The second hour of PE is delivered by class teachers and we are now following a new programme called ‘The PE Hub.’ Our full time coach is on hand to support staff on a daily basis with the delivery of PE and ongoing staff CPD.

Kite Marks –  We currently hold The Sainsbury’s School Games Kite Mark at their PLATINUM Level! 2018/19 – 2019/20  We also hold the YST Bronze Award which we will soon be resubmitting.

Young Leaders – We currently have 22 Young Leaders who are trained to deliver and promote active lunchtimes on both playgrounds.

Sports Crew – We have a group of children who carry out ‘Personal Challenges each day. Every Monday a new challenge is announced, the children take part each lunchtime and their time is recorded. They continue to do this each day and watch their time improve as the week goes on! Challenges include: hula hooping, keepie-ups, flossing, skipping, jumping jacks etc.

The Daily Mile –  As a school we are actively taking part in a National Initiative called ‘The Daily Mile.’ We use our running track to enhance our fitness levels on a daily basis. More information about the Daily Mile can be found by following the link.

Through LSSP we are part of their school work experience programme and continue to work with St. Margaret’s Academy, Aigburth by providing sporting placements for their Year 11 pupils.  More information about LSSP can be found on their website.

Competitions – We participate in a record number of competitions and details of our successes from our last academic year can be seen on our Sporting Achievement Report. As well as competitions we also attend many festival style events and development days to ensure as many of our pupils as possible have the opportunity to represent our school and try our new sports.

Everton School Supporters Club –  Again this year we signed up to be affiliated with Everton’s School Supporters Club. They provide a number of opportunities to affiliated schools including match tickets, cross-curricular lessons, coaching and competitions.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We deliver over 20 extra curricular activities throughout the school year! These include Netball, Football, Judo, Gymnastics, Dance, Drama, Ocarina, Spanish, Cross Country, Change 4 Life, Film Club, Indoor Athletics, Multi Sports, Reading Clubs, Maths Clubs, Tennis and Gardening Club (to name a few!)

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