Much Woolton Catholic Primary School



Welcome to the Reading page at Much Woolton! Reading lies at the very heart of everything we do, impacting every subject and every student’s educational journey. We take immense pride in fostering a culture of literacy that transcends the boundaries of our curriculum.

For our young learners in Key Stage 1, we follow the highly effective “Read, Write Inc” program, ensuring a solid foundation in reading and writing skills. As they progress to Key Stage 2, we shift to a quality text approach for guided reading, encouraging students to explore deeper layers of literature and critical thinking.

Throughout the year, we host a variety of engaging events to cultivate a love for reading among our students and their families. From enchanting bedtime stories that transport young minds to far-off worlds, to informative parent sessions that equip caregivers with valuable reading strategies, we strive to involve our entire community in the joy of reading.

Our “Stay and Read” sessions create opportunities for parents and guardians to share the magic of stories with their children right here at school. And our “Drop Everything and Read” moments ensure that reading remains a cherished part of our daily routine.

We are also committed to promoting sustainability through “Recycling and Reading” initiatives, where we encourage students to recycle old books and discover new literary treasures.

But that’s not all! We regularly organise exciting reading competitions, providing students with the chance to showcase their reading progress and win fantastic prizes.

At Much Woolton, we believe that reading is not just a skill; it’s a lifelong adventure. Join us in nurturing a passion for reading that will empower our students, enrich their minds, and open doors to limitless worlds of imagination and knowledge.


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