Much Woolton Catholic Primary School

Catholic Life

Much Woolton is a Catholic Primary School in the Archdiocese of Liverpool. Our mission statement ‘In Jesus we love, learn and grow,’ underpins everything we do and believe in. We are clear in our values and the importance of Jesus Christ in our daily lives. We openly follow the teachings of our friend Jesus and our faith is central to the day to day life of our school.

Our school is a place of love and learning, where all are equal in the eyes of God. We all have talents and strengths that we strive to nurture and develop and Jesus is our guide to help us achieve our very best.                     

Our pupils are encouraged to recognise the importance of their faith and they respond to all forms of liturgy and collective worship with respect and reverence. We have a rich liturgical life in that the experiences we provide are wide ranging and take place in school, out of school, in Church and the wider community, and engage and involve pupils, parents, staff, governors and the parish.

Our Parish Priest is Fr Tim Buckley who is a regular visitor to our school .Children attend Mass each term to celebrate a week day mass with parishioners. In addition, we celebrate School Masses at the beginning and end of term and on other significant occasions. Fr Tim often visits classes in school to talk about particular topics which further enhances children’s knowledge, skills and helps them to develop a deeper understanding of their faith.       

Mrs Mary Monkhouse is our link R.E. governor who visits school regularly and supports our children in preparation for the Sacraments.

Our school’s RE and Catholic life (Section 48) last inspection took place in May 2019. The report from that inspection can be read here.




It is a pleasure and a privilege to be the parish priest of St Mary’s, Woolton, and one of my happiest tasks is to be involved in the life of our wonderfully supportive school, Much Woolton. The welcome from staff and pupils is always warm and generous as is that of the parents when they become involved in the sacramental programmes or events which link the school with the parish. Pope Francis asked us to show forth in our expression and our attitudes the JOY OF THE GOSPEL: I think Much Woolton scores high on both accounts.

Fr Tim Buckley, CSsR (Parish Priest of St Mary’s and Our Lady Bishop Eton parishes)

Fr Tim came into school to bless our new prayer areas and was impressed at the spaces created for children to say and write their own prayers and to reflect and have quiet time.