Much Woolton Catholic Primary School

Nugent Care Good Shepherd Appeal


Who is Woolie?

Woolie is the new Good Shepherd mascot. The Good Shepherd Appeal and the Community Services is supplied by Nugent Care to the most vulnerable people in our community.

WHO started it?
Father James Nugent started the Good Shepherd Collection in 1902

WHEN did Father Nugent live?
Father Nugent was born in 1822 and died in 1905

WHERE did he work?
He worked mainly in Liverpool but also spent some time in Wigan and Blackburn

WHAT did he do?
Father Nugent could see the problems of poverty in Liverpool and helped to educate, house, feed and clothe those in need.

HOW does Nugent Care continue this work today?
Children – We provide care and education for children and have an adoption service.
Adults – We help to support the elderly, people who are hard of hearing, Deaf or who have a learning disability as well as people who are homeless.

WHY should you be involved?
We should follow the example of Father Nugent and show that we care for others.

Our fundraising will help them to continue our work.

Our Mini Vinnies arranged Easter egg raffles in each class during Lent and the proceeds were donated to the Nugent Care Good Shepherd Appeal. We raised a grand total of £426.60.

Thanks you once more to all our children and their families for their support and generosity.

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