Much Woolton Catholic Primary School

School trips and visits

Much Woolton participates in many visits to support the school curriculum. Parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution because of the costs involved. If enough money is raised in this way the visit will go ahead. No child will ever be excluded from a trip for non-payment of a contribution. Should parents ever be in a position where they cannot make a payment they should then approach the Headteacher or Deputy Head in confidence. Residential visits are desirable but not compulsory parts of the curriculum. Board and lodging must be paid for by parents unless they are in receipt of income support, when discretionary grants will be available. Travel costs must be covered by voluntary contributions from parents. Children will not be charged for any activity in school unless they are involved in the making of an article that they wish to keep. In these cases the children would be expected to pay for the materials. Children will not be excluded from any activity because they cannot afford it.