Much Woolton Catholic Primary School

Other Faiths

Visit to the Mosque – October 2018

Years 3 & 4 visited the Al Rahma Masjid Mosque in Liverpool to give them experience of another place of worship. They had a wonderful visit and learned so much about Islam. We were shown around and given a talk by a wonderful speaker who taught the children lots about the religion. It was very child friendly, quiet and peaceful visit and the children got a great deal from it. We will definitely be visiting again.

We also had one of our mums who follows Islam to come in and talk to each class about her faith and beliefs. Again it was great for the children to hear things first hand and to compare the similarities and differences to our religion.

Here are some examples of what our children said after the visit

‘We learned about how men and women are separated to say prayers.’

‘When we went to the Mosque we  had to take our shoes off as a sign of respect.’

‘It can fit in 4500 in the Mosque and any more than that would have to go outside and pray.’

‘I learned that before Muslim people pray they wash their hands and feet.’

‘We listened to part of the Quaran which is read from left to right.’

‘I liked it because it was calm and quiet and we learned lots about the Muslim faith. They face Mecca when they are praying. Mecca is the Holy city.’

‘I held the prayer beads that Muslims pray with.’

 ‘I liked where we got to go to the washroom and see where the people wash before they go in.’

‘We saw a person praying and then the teacher was telling us all about it. We got to ask questions about fasting and I found it really interesting.’

‘I really liked our visit to the Mosque and found out about the 5 pillars of Islam.’

‘I found it interesting that there was separate  floors for the men and woman so they didn’t get distracted praying.’

Visit to the Synagogue – November 2018

Years 5 & 6 visited the Synagogue  in Princes Road. What an amazing experience for the staff and children. The awe when we entered the building was a sight to see. The children were given a talk and shown artefacts that are used and kept in the Synagogue. They loved it and were given such a brilliant time. They learned so much and again were able to compare the Jewish religion to ours. There are many similarities and of course differences. A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all.

Here are some examples of what our children said after the visit

‘I thought it was really enjoyable. Much better learning from a real place than a PowerPoint or sheets.’

‘It was a good place for the children to be educated about Judaism.’

‘I like how they read the Torah from right to left.’

‘It was really nice and peaceful.’

‘I love the decoration and all the gold.’